We will help you, as Solution to Occupational Healthcare 

Our H.C.P. prides itself to remain true to the company’s vision and mission- to achieve excellence in the Industry of Healthcare.

NASOC is a committed Unit for Industrial and Remote Area Health Care Clinic that controls, monitor and manage the scope of services and duly execute the program in this day and age is a true survivor and has thrives into a multifaceted branch with scores of Clienteles as its successful and loyal partners in their site projects to aid in Occupational health and safety to our trusted clientele.

With its high-performing personnel our Division for Healthcare Provider (HCP), organized with sufficient number of force and experts, crossly functions in field supervision and site project management. to administer the Required Provision Program of Full-Service Provision and Operation based on the Standards. With all out Support of our Parent Base Organization for any assistance necessary in Operation such as Pharmaceutical, Biomedical, Logistics and other Supportive Services.

We are having, yet still aiming to continuously aspire and seek to improvement and development more and equivalently to business and operational program. Since 2017 till now we have been equipped to render Healthcare to several high profile companies and championed in operating standard clinics in different rig platforms, oil refineries and construction sites within the Eastern Region and on all of parts Kingdom wide.

 One of our goals Providing solution and service hand for occupational health and safety is by commissioning of Medical first aid clinic in full operations control. Being one of the most leading brands of accredited Healthcare Provider of Johns Hopkins Aramco Health (JHAH) as a great opportunity in Remote Area Care Unit (RACU). It is our mandate duty to nurture and efficient and skillful Healthcare Workforce to carry out highest quality of medical care and services to all our business partners and to its employees.

Scope of Action

Before we operate and deliver healthcare & clinic services We will:

– Pre-contracting (survey pre-medical care service).
– Proposal plan & contract agreement.
– Mobilization & comissiong process flow.
– Operation JHAH-MMSR Accreditation.

What our NASOC team of EXPERTS can do for your Site Project Needs and Requirement.

All the services required to run your first aid clinic. These include but are not limited to…

Professional Doctors
Trusted Partners
Remote Area Clinics

Trusted Partners