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About The Group

Nahj Al-Shifa General Medical Group Company Offers a distinct and safe medical services with a high quality and appropriate cost through a competent  medical staff with up to date techniques to raise the standard of health care in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia focusing on the Promotive ,Preventive ,Curative , Rehabilitative aspects.

Nahj Al-shifaa Medical Group obtained all the certificates and licenses to be authorized by John Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JAHA) in  providing quality patient care and emergency medical services at ARAMCO contractor’s project sites around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We also provide a wide range of accredited training courses and programs aligned with industry based to ensure the competency  and further uphold the company’s goal in achieving the local and international standards.

The main goal of Nahj Al-Shifaa Medical Group is to improve the health of the community by setting the standard of excellence in medical education, research and clinical care.


We are committed to provide a high quality healthcare services in appropriate cost .


Excellence , Integrity, Empathy, Trust, Responsibility, Respect


We strive to be the best complex in the Eastern Region in providing all medical services

Nahj Al-shifaa Medical Group

For Better Health



What We Provide ?

We Offer a distinct quality medical services in affordable cost through a competent medical staff and updated equipment in Our Medical Complexes.
We deliver quality health care serveries into your door steps in all ages regardless in any health condition.
NASOC is a committed Unit for Industrial and Remote Area Health Care Clinic that controls, monitor and manage the scope of services.
Our Pharmacy team Can Help you With minor health concern
We provide wide range of accredited training courses at Nahj Alshifaa Advanced Training Center NAATC in Safaw and Al khobar which offers industry-based courses & services to ensure the competency of individuals and to further uphold the company’s goal of meeting local and international industry standards.
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